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So, I just talking to this guy like three days ago. And the first day we snap chatted into the night till like 4 a.m. And he was flirting with me and saying so many nice things to me. Then after that day, I tried sending a snap and he opened it and didn't respond. I don't know what I did wrong. I don't want to say anything, but I want to be friends with him. And now I have developed a crush on him. Should I talk to him or just let him come to me? Oh, and he is in a relationship.

Asked by biowoman

If I were you I would definitely talk to him! There’s no harm in being friends with him for now, and sounds like you don’t want to lose your friendship. You should talk with him about this! Good luck!!

I have a crush on my friend but I also heard that he has a crush on me but one day we were talking fine then the next day he doesn't talk to me he ignores me what does that mean and what do I do?

Asked by skystarluna

Your friend not talking to you could mean almost anything. Maybe they’re just nervous around you or it could even be completely unrelated. Regardless, you should try and talk things out with them and maybe check and see if they’re okay. It also doesn’t hurt to tell them how you feel about them. Even if they don’t share those feelings anymore, it’s always a compliment knowing you’re loved and definitely worth the risk.

Sometimes I wish I knew someone that I could tell absolutely anything to, and they wouldn’t judge me.